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Meet the Dangerous Jawsome boys!



First at all, what are "HAIBLUMS"?
Haiblums (closed species by Mad-Izoku)are mischievous shark and mosasaurus hybrid intelligent mermaids alike creatures, they could look cute but are dangerous predators with sharp fangs.

They could learn several languages, and could talk with another aquatic animals. They usually live together, but hunt alone. They're pretty competitive about that aspect, and dislike sharing their food. However, they're prohibited to hunt surface living beings, including humans... neither harming them. Haiblums are pretty proud creatures, they are more than happy if they could do things by their own, making them dangerous predators.

:bulletblack: Haiblums(c) are a closed species, you "CAN'T" made your own. It's about respect! (Read the F.A.Q section on the useful links).
:bulletblack: Only official and registered Haiblums on the master list (MYO approved by Mad-Izoku) submissions are allowed on the group!
:bulletblack: The Terms of Use and other useful links are listed below. Please read them carefully!
:bulletblack: Be a good member and don't spam, harras, beg of guilt at someones Haubliums(C) or works, otherwise you'll be banned/ or note the group about the situation.
:bulletblack: If you find a tracer, copycat or someone trying to sell your Haiblum(c) or your art, PLEASE NOTE US!


:bulletblack: You can own a Haiblum via : Adoptable flat sale sets, Auctions, Customs, and [Not frequently ] Contests designed by Mad-Izoku (the species' creator).


[You don't need to own a Haiblum to become a member, the only requirement it's that you like the species u///u ]

Kao Emoji-02 (Pretty Eyes) [V1] by Jerikuto



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Jahpan Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
can haiblums breed?

also will there be a option to make your shark form creature for your haiblum?
(1 Reply)
grandjoy1111 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017  Hobbyist
I have a few questions, I'm guessing the only way to get one is if you adopt it right? there are no MYO's? I just want to clarify cus I am slightly confused.
(1 Reply)